The hairdresser's hand in the union of two worlds. Long tradition of craftsmanship with an artistic spirit. Therefore, our goal was not only to create a perfect utilitarian space where the hairdresser will have everything at hand, but mainly a temple where art is being created. We wanted to get as much light as possible into the space and let it flow undisturbed.

Colab Steezy studio
Photography Petr machacek

To make the spaces as bright as possible, we relieved the interior of unnecessary partitions and we created transparent custom-made furniture. Specific shelving elements are steel structures in a matt black finish, walnut wood shelves and emerald green wool sheets.

Shelving divides the main part of the salon into a central lounge area and cutting positions on both sides of the room. The natural integration of a simple reception into one of the shelves further lightens the overall impression of the interior.