Hospital Bistro
in Brno



The original bistro in the University Hospital in Brno was a typical example of this insensitive approach to public space in large hospitals.

The clear goal of the reconstruction was to create a pleasant space with seating and good coffee where patients and visitors, doctors during lunch break and people from the hospital headquarters could meet. To bring life and art back to the self-service shop & bistro.

The original bistro, hidden behind a tastelessly taped aluminum wall, is being pulled out into the corridor space and enriched with seating. This is surrounded by shelving walls anchored into the floor and plywood shelves with an unusual terracotta lamination. The ubiquitous houseplants and colourful accents thus create an oasis in the sterile white hospital fog

Colab Steezy Studio
Photography Oldrich Hrb
Art Martina Musilova